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16 years old norwegian girl. living the good life on the beautiful eastside of trondheim. attending media and communication at ringve vgs. eating, exercising, going to the cinema and taking photos. drinking lots and lots of green tea and eating lots and lots of good food. blog about everything that inspires me and a bit more. love pictures and photography. have got a dream about being a photographer. and i am going to live in a big city. anything more? e-mail me at: kineem.dv@hotmail.com

October 12, 2010


i am ill today, so that gave me the opportunity to go home to my village a bit earlier. but i rather want to be at school, than being at home ill. because i hate it!!! it is so boring. so now i'm gonna take a pain killer and then make me a big cup of tea. and then just watch tv and trying to push away this fucking illness... wish me luck!


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  1. Dumt at du er syk da ... : s

    Fin blogg btw! :)