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16 years old norwegian girl. living the good life on the beautiful eastside of trondheim. attending media and communication at ringve vgs. eating, exercising, going to the cinema and taking photos. drinking lots and lots of green tea and eating lots and lots of good food. blog about everything that inspires me and a bit more. love pictures and photography. have got a dream about being a photographer. and i am going to live in a big city. anything more? e-mail me at: kineem.dv@hotmail.com

October 06, 2010


heey! i am officially addicted to spinning atm!! it is amazing, and i feel sooo fresh after i have been working out. wow. never thought it would catch me that much, haha!! so after i got home from the gym i have showered and eaten homemade crackers with jam and ham (hahaha, so funny, but it is actually trueee). aaaand i have watched the first episode in the third season of 90210! i'm addicted to that too... ehhee. but i have been that for over a year now, sooo that doesn't count. kidding. but now i'm going to go to bed and sleep! good night, peeeps.

a random photography taken from the old city bridge here in trondheim.

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  1. I looooove 90210, favorittserie #1!

    Takk for kommentar! Fra ingvildisb;)